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Russian World Music Awards 2017
On November 23, 2017 in the "Central House of Artists", Moscow, there will be the solemn presentation of the first
Russian award in the field of ethnic music - Russian World Music Awards. The leading collectives of the modern world music scene - THEODOR BASTARD, OTAVA YO, NAMGAR and VOLGA - will open the awarding
ceremony with their performances. At the ceremony, you can also hear Olga Glazova playing on an authentic
Russian instrument "gusli". The ceremony will be conducted by Andrey Bukharin, music critic and columnist for Rolling Stone magazine. A special guest will be Tutta Larsen - a famous Russian TV and radio presenter and
The Russian World Music Awards is the first professional award in Russia in the ethnic music. This year 46 music collectives from 25 cities will compete in the following nominations: "Best ethnic project", "Best authentic project",
"Best experimental project", "Best new ethnic project", "Best music video" and "Audience sympathy prize". Voting will be conducted by 12 competition jury members from 9 countries, who are the best specialists in the field of folk
For two years, the organizers and founders of the Russian World Music Awards have supported and motivated those professional musicians whose work does not fit into the modern standards of popular music, but draws inspiration from the deep traditions of Russian ethnic culture. The mission of the award is the development of world and ethnic music in Russia, as well as its representation abroad, the enhancement of Russia's image in the modern world by popularizing its richest culture and music as part of this culture.
The winners of the Russian World Music Awards will be announced on November 23 in the Central House of
Artists (Moscow, Krymsky Val St., 10). In addition to the awards, bands THEODOR BASTARD, OTAVA YO,
NAMGAR and VOLGA will give a concert, which makes this event a real holiday for afficionados of modern folk
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